Check out these funny videos of funny dogs and funny puppies. It has some funny dog fails and wins and other videos. So enjoy this 2015 compilation. Try not to laugh.
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We all know our pets have feelings, and our dogs sometimes exhibit signs of jealousy. But are they really jealous?

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  1. What type of dog are you???

    1: The like that you get is the dog that you are.
    2: if you get a 2 digit numb er than the number to the right is your number.

    Also there are five sections. Your like is what dog you will get from each section.

    Section 1:

    1- Golden Retriver
    2- Boxer
    3- Pomeranian
    4- German shipyard
    5- husky
    6- poodle
    7- Shih tak
    8- St. Bernard
    9- Pitbull

    Section 2:

    1: Doberman pinscher
    2: tea cup pomeranian
    3: tea cup Chihuahua
    4: Chihuahua
    5: Jack Russel terrier
    7: Alaskan Malmute
    8: bull terrier
    9: staff or shire bull terrier

    Section 3:

    1: west highland white terrier
    2: pug
    3: dalmatian
    4: collie
    5: border collie
    6: great dane
    7: Welsh corgi
    8: dachshund
    9: grey hound

    Section 4:

    1: borzoi
    2: bloodhound
    3: Beagle
    4: basset hound
    5: coon hound
    6: lab Retriver
    7: Rottweiler
    8: chow chow
    9: Yorkie terrier

    Section 5:

    1: Maltese
    2: Akita
    3: English mastiff
    4: Australian shipyard
    5: Rat terrier
    6: Australian shipyard
    7: Papillon
    8: American Eskimo dog
    9: Shetland sheepdog

    Tell me everything in the comments!!!!

    Suggestions are allowed if I missed any maybe you can add a whole section of dogs I missed!!! Thank you!!

  2. Omg! The jealous one at the end looks just like my dog Jack. He's the one in my thumbnail pic. I bet they are brothers. Check out my vids by clicking on my pic and tell me what you think.


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