Jim Rohn: Take Control of Your Worry (Jim Rohn Motivation)

Jim Rohn: Take Control of Your Worry (Jim Rohn Motivation)
When a negative thought enters your mind, you have two options: You can let it have a life of its own, or you can control it with your attention.
If worry is alien to you, then you might want to check your pulse. Studies show that worry extends across our entire lifespans—over our finances, relationships, families, work, you name it.

A small amount of worry that does not disrupt your day is normal, expected and sometimes even productive. After all, it can help you assess risks, detect and attend to threats, and focus on potential solutions to the problems you face.

But once worry gets out of control, it can seep into every decision you make and significantly disrupt your life.
This Is Your Brain on Worry
When a negative thought enters the brain, you have two options: You can let it have a life of its own, or you can control it with your attention. But here is where the problem lies: Those who are big worriers don’t have much attentional control.

When this is the case, worry not only takes over the brain, but it also attacks thought processes and causes people to become even more glued to the worrisome issues.

A recent review led by psychologist Colette Hirsch outlined that people who worry all the time have excessive attention to threat—even when it is not clear a threat is actually present. This is not necessarily a conscious decision—it could actually be due to genetic variations—so the best way to predict and understand worry is not to ask people whether they feel anxious. Rather, it is to understand their unconscious tendencies toward threat.

People who worry often think that their anxieties will help or protect them in some way. They also feel convinced that their own thoughts and worries cannot be controlled. Deep down, though, worriers cannot tolerate uncertainty, and when they worry out loud, it helps them avoid doubt and even more potential negativity.
Overcome your intolerance of uncertainty by accepting the things you cannot control. Make a list of them, and when you think of them, drop them. Then, given that self-efficacy can help quell worry, why not begin building yourself up—both physically and emotionally? Practice being what you want to be, rather than waiting for yourself to magically become it.

I’m not suggesting that you should become the Dalai Lama or Hulk Hogan; I’m suggesting that you should invest in yourself. Hire a trainer who can guide you to better physical health, or find someone who will hold you accountable. Also, invest in building your self-efficacy by forgiving yourself for past mistakes and setting up small wins for your future.

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  1. I think the first step to becoming successful is "WHY". Why do you want the money? Why do you want the fancy cars and the big house? What is the purpose of it all is what you have to ask yourself. Most of us have no internal desire for success or really know what it means because of how hollywood and social media delivers it. Ex. when you are hungry, like starving; there is no one or nothing that will get in your way until you satisfy your stomach. You forget about the basketball game and the party that night, all you want it food and the purpose is because you are hungry. If having a nice fancy car is what you want because thats what "looks" cool and successful then you will won't be strong enough to fight through anything to get it.
    – The motivational Comedian

  2. Spend millions on sports teams while the homeless are starving
    Nobody wants to protest, rally or picket But there's a line around the corner for them concert tickets



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