In today’s video; we meet my new cat named Dude the Cat + more funny moments!

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Cats are cute, but mysterious. Ever wonder why they spread their legs? Head-butt you? Sleep so much. Wonder no more.


  1. I'm sorry, but human babies DO kneed. Just ask mums that have been breastfeeding for longer than 3 months. :p

  2. Great funny video thank u!
    but i
    dnt know how to teach my kitten to poop in the place ive set for it…any tips guys!?

  3. Nooo I want to learn the reason of the most bizarre act! When they sit and swipe their butts on the floor only with walking with their Hands 😂 idk if anyone understood but its the most weird thing I guess 😂

  4. When my cat was just a kitten, she didn't understand where to do her… "Business", so she hid a big pile of **. I wish I had done something mean so that I wouldn't have had to search so much for that brown business..

  5. We had a 'family cat' (that one was no ones cat in particular) but she lived to be 23. I wonder how much of it she was actually awake for, lol.

  6. if i'm doing something, like looking at my phone, reading a book, or playing on my 3ds, my cat rubs against the object until it slips out of my hand. i figured out that was her way of saying, "put that down and give me all your attention!" and she means ALL. even if i pet her while doing the other thing at the same time, she gets pissed and walks away. if she naps after getting my attention initially, then discovers i am still doing the other thing. yeah, she gets frustrated and leaves


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